• Really fun games.

Treasure Miner

Follow the incredible story of Wilhelm, upgrade, play with friends, and take down crazy bosses.

Web, iOS, Android

Fast paced action game with diverse enemies and levels, epic bossfights and ranking system.

Web, iOS, Android
Misty Realm

2D top down hack and slash. Explore and level up with a twist.

Web, iOS, Android

Dodge thousands of colourful bullets through tons of levels and defeat massive bosses.

Web, iOS, Android
A Case of the Mondays

Explore a dangerous research facility and defeat enemies in this action packed twin stick shooter.

Vital Zone

Go against waves of intense and unique enemies, collect coins and upgrade for survival.

iOS, Android
Beat Universe

Click, hold, and drag to the beat of fast paced and intense songs.

Lightning Fish

Electrocute fish, collect bubbles, and earn upgrades deep in the ocean.