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Particle Wars Extreme

Particle Wars Extreme is a sweet arcade vertical shooter. Immense explosions and fast paced action will make it difficult for you to stop playing. PWE contains various game modes and plenty of challenging levels that will hook you into thousands of colourful particles. Defeating end level bosses will make you cry tears of happiness, and you will want to play with a friend in the co-op mode. Featuring tons of achievements and competitive leader boards!


Particle Wars Extreme is a polished, content packed, fast paced Flash game where players rip through waves of unique enemy waves. Powerups are earned by strategically destroying 4 of the same coloured enemy in succesion, which destroy enemies quickly with satisfying visual effects. PWE features 35 in game achievements, local save data, leaderboards, pause, and mute.

Game Modes:

Main game The main game consists of 5 different levels, each containing an end boss. There are 3 different difficulties that are unlocked which change gameplay significantly. Each level has a goal score, where if a player gains a score higher than it then the player recieves a ribbon for that level on the difficulty they were playing on.

Co-op A branch of the main game where players can play the main game locally with a friend. Game progress saves normally for the main game.

Score Attack is a survival game mode where difficulty gradually increases. The player faces off against endless waves of enemies while competing for the highest worldwide score.

The original game idea was to have lots of visual and particle effects with minimal game slowdown, and the final version has achieved that and more.


          Left and Right arrow keys Movement
          Down arrow key or Spacebar (hold) Shoot
          M Mute
          Left click (single player) Pause
          Left click (co-op) Player 2 shoot
          Mouse move left/right (co-op) Player 2 movement
          Right click Various options

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