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Did someone say Bullet Hell game? Dodge thousands of colourful bullets through tons of levels and take down massive bosses!
My adaptation to the classic "Bullet Hell" genre, with upgrades and of course, tons of bullets.
   For performance issues, there are a lot of detail changes available under OPTIONS on the level select screen.

"Pro tip: Your ship can touch the bullets as long as the flashing circle in the middle of your ship doesn't get hit." -afklol


Rivea is a unique Bullet Hell action game featuring innovative upgrades, great visual effects, and addicting gameplay. With high quality soundtracks and tons of bonus content, Rivea immerses players in intense and rewarding gameplay.
Compete for the best total score, which is sum of all scores for each level, in a real time, non intrusive ranking system on the level select page.
          30 Action packed levels and 3 intense bosses
          Lives system implemented after level 8
          5 upgrades with multiple levels
          Including 38 awesome achievements.
          Scores and rank hosted on my dedicated server


          Mouse: Move ship
          Click: Use bomb
          Z: (If upgraded) Use slow shield
          X: (If upgraded) Use gold shield
          P: Pause
          Q: (When paused) Return to level select
          ESC: Return to level select
          M: Mute/ Unmute
          SPACEBAR: Fire at boss
          Right Click: Mute option

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